CCAA National Champions

Fanshawe Falcons
Red Deer Kings
 VIU Mariners


Coach of the Year

Player of the Year

 Jay Tremonti, Douglas Royals  Regan Fathers, Red Deer Kings

Championship Most Valuable Player

Exemplary Leadership Award

Sebastian Lethbridge, Fanshawe Falcons Sebastian Lethbridge, Fanshawe Falcons



  Simon Friesen, Capilano Blues Reid Marriott, Douglas Royals
 Regan Fathers, Red Deer Kings  Mitchell Lewington, NAIT Ooks
Wesley Lau, Conestoga Condors  Michel Leblanc, Coyotes de College la Cité
Alexis Tournier, Griffons de l'Outaouais  Nicolas Fortin, Titans de Limoilou
Zane Hamilton, UNBSJ Seawolves Brett Butler, Holland Hurricanes


First Team All-Stars

Second Team All-Stars

Zach Albert, Fanshawe Falcons James Jackson, Fanshawe Falcons
David Gundrum, Fanshawe Falcons Adam Turlejski, Red Deer Kings
Mark DeWit, Red Deer Kings Braydon Brouwer, VIU Mariners
Regan Fathers, Red Deer Kings Kelly Woods, Keyano Huskies
Keal Prince, VIU Mariners Nicolas Fortin, Titans de Limoilou
Justin Delorme, Keyano Huskies Alexis Tournier, Griffons de l’Outaouais


 Players of the Match

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Presented Nationally by
Match 1 Zach Albert, Fanshawe Falcons Riley O’Keefe, Holland Hurricanes
Match 2 Justin Delorme, Keyano Huskies Guillaume Bisson, Griffons de l'Outaouais
Match 3 Adam Turlejski, Red Deer Kings James Chretien, Titans de Limoilou
Match 4 Keal Prince, VIU Mariners Dylan Devecseri, Humber Hawks
Match 5 Alexis Tournier, Griffons de l'Outaouais Brett Butler, Holland Hurricanes
Match 6 Nicolas Fortin, Titans de Limoilou Jake Gomes, Humber Hawks
Match 7 James Jackson, Fanshawe Falcons Liam Matheson, Keyano Huskies
Match 8 Mark DeWit, Red Deer Kings Braydon Brouwer, VIU Mariners
Match 9 Don Campbell, Keyano Huskies Charles St-Aubin, Titans de Limoilou
Match 10 Jeff Webb, VIU Mariners Maxime St-Denis, Griffons de l'Outaouais
Match 11 Kamyn Wilkins, Humber Hawks Nicholas Menzies, Holland Hurricanes
Match 12 Doug Groenendijk, VIU Mariners Kelly Woods, Keyano Huskies
Match 13 David Gundrum, Fanshawe Falcons Isaiah Stime, Red Deer Kings