Make Some Noise for Mental Health

The Mission

To implement a nation-wide mental health awareness campaign to break the stigma surrounding mental health on campus. The awareness campaign is intended to encourage conversation and open mindedness and better promote resources and support available on campus and in the local area.  

The Goals

  • Reduce/eliminate the stigmas related to mental health, wellness and mental illness.
  • Create awareness about local mental health resources on campus and the surrounding community.
  • Encourage empathy and understanding through open-minded conversations about mental health.
  • Led by athletics staff and student-athletes.
  • Activate at home games and campus-related events.
  • To promote the value of community citizenship showcased by student-athletes.
  • To establish the campaign as a long-term outreach initiative across the CCAA.
  • The focus is awareness. Fundraising initiatives are secondary and may be introduced.

January 15 - February 11, 2018

This timeframe is a month in length, but institutions are encouraged to select a specific game, event, day, weekend, etc. in which they plan to incorporate the awareness campaign into their existing schedules.


2018 Campaign Materials

The campaign materials are available to download here in the CCAA's Promotional Materials Dropbox Account.

Bell Let's Talk Day

In addition to campus initiatives, the CCAA encourages all members to "Make Some Noise" on Bell Let's Talk Day.  On January 31, 2018, everyone can talk, text and join in on social media to help end the stigma around mental illness and drive action in Canadian mental health. There are a lot of opportunities to Make Some Noise!


2017 CCAA "Make Some Noise for Mental Health" Initiatives

A complete list of participating members and their activites will be listed here in January 2018.