Marketplace and MIP

What is the CCAA Marketplace and Marketing Incentive Program (MIP)?

The CCAA Marketplace is an evolution of the organization’s Marketing Incentive Program (MIP). It is a year-round business directory and program designed to encourage member institutions to participate in CCAA marketing activities. This program enables institutions to derive direct benefits for their athletic departments through the purchase of CCAA endorsed products and services during an annual purchasing period of May 1st to April 30th.  Current CCAA Marketplace partners include:

Basketball related products
Volleyball related products
Badminton related products
Vereburn Medical Supply
Sports medicine/therapy related products
Branded promotional products

How does the Institution benefit?
Benefits for our members are derived from two components of the CCAA Marketplace. Institutions receive a rebate (royalty) on the wholesale value of their total purchases of CCAA Marketplace endorsed products and services. In addition, the end-of-the-year ‘Marketplace Sweepstakes’ provide opportunities for athletic departments to win products and services which can be used in their respective athletic departments (i.e., quantity of balls, quantity of uniforms, air passes, complimentary hotel rooms, a team set of rings, etc.). The more that an institution spends the more ballots they receive during the “Marketplace Sweepstakes”.

How does the Corporate Partner benefit?
The CCAA promotes and endorses products and/or services through the CCAA Marketplace. This forum includes: news releases, digital distribution of catalogues and promotional material, advertising space in CCAA publications and on the CCAA web site. Incentives to purchase endorsed products and services are tied directly to actual sales volume. Corporate Partners receive a detailed annual report listing the purchases from each member institution. The CCAA serves as a vehicle to reach approximately 9000 varsity athletes, 100,000 college employees, 300,000 full-time students and 2,000,000 part-time students.

How does the CCAA benefit?
It provides additional and tangible rewards to institutions and conferences, which support the CCAA programs and initiatives. It is a vehicle for the CCAA Marketing Committee to leverage corporate partners and actually drive sales. It allows the CCAA to generate revenues from endorsement fees as well as through royalties.

For more information regarding the CCAA and its Marketing initiatives, please contact Brandon Stone, CCAA Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator.

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Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator
Coordonnateur du marketing et des commandites 
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