Women's Soccer: Day 2 Recap from Halifax

Women's Soccer: Day 2 Recap from Halifax

GAME 5: Algonquin Thunder 4, St. Thomas Tommies 0

The game started with high energy with both teams running on field with something to prove. Algonquin took control of the field with 3 very close attempted goals in the first 5 minutes of the first half. St. Thomas was resilient defensively and continued to force Algonquin back from their side. However, this was no match for Algonquin’s Melissa Gilligan scored the first goal of the game.  The score at half-time finished at 1-0.

Algonquin’s Darby Perry started the second half strong by scoring their second goal in the first 10 minutes of play. Algonquin continued their domination of the field with #7 Mallory McQueen excellent ball-skill leading the team. The Tommies were able to keep the Thunder from scoring in 15 seconds of an intense scramble save. However, the Thunder continued their persistence to score their third and forth goal of the game by Gilligan and Perry. STU continued to fight on to prevent any new goals. The action continued with one extra minute added before regulation. The game ended with no new goals. 

Players of the Game were Phoebe van der Muelen of STU and Shalene Denovan of Algonquin.

GAME 6: NAIT Ooks 9, Dalhousie Rams 0

NAIT charged on to the field will full intent to control the game. Five minutes into the first half, NAIT scored their first goal by Kailey Mohn. A second goal came right behind by Kassy Jajczay. The Dal AC defensive line amped up as both teams started a back-forth keeping NAIT from scoring a third goal. However, a quality strike from Marissa Webb scored their third goal and moments later, NAIT’s score was up to 4-0. An explosion of action occurred as a cross-bar shot rebounded off of Alanna Mawhinney’s head for NAIT's fifth and sixth goal of the first half.

NAIT scored their seventh goal by Mawhinney. Moments later, NAIT scored their eighth and ninth goals by Hallee Peter. Dal’s AC Sian Rankin lead her team in the second half and offered three very strong shots for attempted goals. Strong saves from Summer Nasr prevented NAIT from a possible last goals of the game. 

Players of the Game were Sian Rankin of Dal AC and Alana Mawhinney of NAIT.

GAME 7: Champlain Saint-Lambert Cavaliers 3, GPRC Wolves 1

The game started off with a bang as both team showed their hunger on to gain a direct sport in the National Championship game on Saturday. In the first two minutes, Thalia Krauth-Ibarz scored the first goal for Saint-Lambert. GPRC was able take possession of the ball, however, it was no match for Saint-Lambert. The team’s fluid, movement in formation was handy as Remillard passed the ball to Krauth-Ibarz to score Saint Lambert another goal. 

Michelle Brodeur, GPRC goalkeeper, showed her immense talent to recognize the speed of players such as Saint-Lambert’s Remillard. She did not allow the opportunity Remillard to catch up to the ball in her zone for a possible third goal. Brodeur set the tone once more when Saint-Lambert’s Massambo charged down the field and only by grace of Brodeur’s fingertips the score was kept at 2-0 by half-time.

Throughout the second half, Brodeur continued to lead as the combined effort with her teammates were able to stop Saint-Lambert’s attempted goals. The tide of the game turned as GPRC was awarded at penalty kick. First year player, Kelsey Wudewich scored to make the stakes 2-1. Saint-Lambert answered back with the tag team combination of star players, Olga Massombo who fed the ball to Alexia Remillard to score 3-1. Two minutes of extra time were added before regulation. The game ended with no new goals.

Players of the Game were Olga Massombo from Saint-Lambert and Meghan Dalziel from GPRC.

GAME 8: Elans de Garneau 1, Douglas Royals 0

Douglas and Garneau started the game at lightning speed to gain a direct spot in the National Championship final on Saturday. Both teams played evenly, but, Garneau showed a much more technical edge. Douglas’s Pettenton and Hamilton were the players to watch out for in the first half with their high speed advantage. 

Garneau’s team had a majority of the chances to get a goal with attempted shots by Ariane Langlois and Eve Malo. However, Douglas’s defence was strong and kept the ball away from the net. Huge back to back reflex saves by both goalkeepers Alexia Gazzola and Anne Marie Laroche both kept this game scoreless. The score was 0-0 at halftime.

The second half followed much of the same narrative as the first. Douglas’ pace grew over time in the second half, running tirelessly against Garneau’s backline. Teams settled into a back and forth pattern to control the ball for most of the half. Zooming past the Douglas team, substitute player Judy Gagnon scored the first goal of the game for Garneau with only seven minutes left before the end of the match. After two additional substitutions, five minutes of playing time was added to the game before regulation. Unfortunately, in these five minutes a red card was received by Mikayla Hamilton resulting in Douglas playing a player down the rest of the way.

Players of the Game were Alexa Gazolla of Douglas and Ariane Langlois of Garneau.