Women's Soccer: Day 3 Recap from Halifax

Women's Soccer: Day 3 Recap from Halifax

GAME 9: NAIT Ooks 2, GPRC Wolves 0

The game started with NAIT’s dominance of the field. There were three back to back shots by Alana Mawhinney, however, the teamwork between Michelle Brodeur and Bailey Zahorodniuk kept GPRC safe during the majority of the first half. The tables turned ten minutes to half-time as Kassy Jajczay slid past defence and scored the first goal of the game for NAIT. Five minutes later, the partnership of Marissa Webb and Kaily Mohn allowed NAIT to rise with a 2-0 advantage. An extra minute was added to first half. No additional goals occurred.

GPRC’s energy improved in the second half and NAIT’s defence became much tighter. The game stalled with multiple throw-ins from both teams. It continued on with a back and forth exchange of headers and kicks between teams. Mohn was able to get past GPRC’s Ashtyn Haycock, however, Brodeur once again stopped a goal from getting past her. NAIT kept the ball on the GPRC side of the field to keep them from scoring. One minute was added to before regulation. No new goals were made before the game ended. The final score was 2-0.

Players of the game were Jessica Winterford from GPRC and Kayleigh Pepper from NAIT.

The NAIT Ooks will advance to the bronze medal game tomorrow at 3:00 pm.

GAME 10: Algonquin Thunder 2,  Douglas Royals 0

Game ten began with a sluggish start due to the cold weather. However, that was no match for Algonquin as they took over the field. Algonquin’s Mallory McQueen shot down the field into the six yard box and a goal resulted off a corner kick. Two minutes later, Melissa Gilligan followed her teammate’s lead and scored a second goal. Two delays occurred, as players were tended to due to a possible injuries. It seemed as though Douglas could not get past Algonquin at all. Suddenly, Douglas’ Sneha Sandu took control of the ball and escaped to Algonquin’s side of the field. Five minutes were added before regulation. The score at half-time was 2-0.

The action in the second half was immediate. The teams shot out for possession of the field. The second half had much of the same action from the first half. An entertaining effort by Algonquin’s Darby Perry against two Douglas defenders erupted the field in cheers. Douglas continued to fight against Algonquin’s control throughout. Five minutes of time was added before regulation. No news goals were made before the game ended. The final score was 2-0.

Players of the Game were Sonali Dholliwar of the Algonquin Thunder and Michelle Wilson of the Douglas Royals.

The Douglas Royals will advance to the bronze medal game tomorrow at 3:00 pm.