CCAA says goodbye to ‘Senator’ Smith

CCAA says goodbye to ‘Senator’ Smith

For most of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s existence, Judy Smith has been a fixture at the boardroom table. The long-time Athletic Director has also hosted a record number of CCAA National Championships.

Smith, who brought a unique balance of a get-it-done-now attitude and an infectious laugh to the Association, will retire from Dalhousie Agricultural Campus (DAL AC), formerly Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC), in the coming weeks.

“Judy is a leader that so many people at different levels across the CCAA have turned to for guidance and direction,” said Sandra Murray-MacDonell, CCAA Chief Executive Officer. “She is a realist, a hard-worker and abides by a high ethical standard.”

Smith served the CCAA for 36 years in various capacities with 28 years of elected CCAA service. She was the Association’s President from 1990-94 and again from 2010-12. Being elected for various roles as a Convenor, Director and Executive is testament to the respect she holds among her peers. (See full list below). In 2008, Smith was also named the CCAA Athletic Director of the Year.

“Judy has been my mentor and I have learned many things from her, but one of the most important things I have learned from Judy is process,” said Murray-MacDonell, who was hired by the CCAA in 1993. “It becomes a very slippery slope if you do not follow process – a rule is a rule, until that rule is changed by the process set out to amend rules.”

When it came to tackling government funding concerns, legal issues or eligibility matters, there is no one you would rather have in your corner than Judy Smith, according to Murray-MacDonell.

No CCAA member has hosted more than DAL AC/NSAC. Smith hosted her first National Championship in 1980 – when the Men’s & Women’s Basketball were hosted together.

Led by Smith, the Dalhousie Rams of the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) were successful in their bid to host the 2019 CCAA Badminton National Championships in March. (See full list of CCAA Nationals hosted below).

Hosting CCAA National Championships a record number of times illustrates Smith’s commitment to student-athletes and high-level intercollegiate sport. Smith even went as far as hosting when her team was not represented at the event.

“Making that difficult decision to step aside to allow a stronger conference team to fill a host berth, illustrates her true character and ethical standard,” said Murray-MacDonell.

As a memento of the Association’s appreciation, Smith will receive a “CCAA Senator” commemorative ring.

PICTURED ABOVE: June Lumsden (Mount Saint Vincent University), Ken Marchant (CCAA Hall of Fame 2014), Judy Smith (Dalhousie Agricultural Campus) and Sandra Murray-MacDonell (CCAA).



  • 1978-79 - Nova Scotia Conference meeting delegate (rep)
  • 1979-85 - Women’s Basketball Convenor
  • 1985-86 - Executive 2nd VP
  • 1986-90 - Executive VP Technical
  • 1990-94 - Executive President
  • 1994-95 - Executive Past President
  • 1998-99 - Executive Past President
  • 2003-08 - ACAA Board Rep
  • 2008-10 - Executive VP Governance
  • 2010-12 - Executive President
  • 2012-14 - Executive VP Governance


  • Men’s Basketball (1980, 1988, 1995, 2002, 2007, 2012)
  • Women’s Basketball (1980, 1988, 1995, 2003, 2008, 2013)
  • Men’s Soccer (1990)
  • Badminton (1994, 1999, 2019)
  • Women’s Volleyball (1996, 2006)
  • Men’s Volleyball (1996)
  • Women’s Soccer (co-host in 2017)

Thank you, Judy!

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