Competition Site

All games will take place at the Douglas College New Westminster Campus, located in New Westminster, BC.  The main court meets FIVB, World, and Official competitions standards.  The floor will be a temporary tereflex mat brought in for the competition.  The bleachers have a maximum capacity of 800.

Team Rooms

Each team will have its own team room for each game, and a schedule will be circulated to teams by 10am for the day. Rooms will be available at least 1 hour prior to each game.  Team uniforms will be laundered at the request of the teams. A laundry container will be placed in each team change room post-game.

Therapy / Medical Service

Athletic Therapy services will be provided by Douglas College Royals lead Athletic Therapist, Alvin Tseng. He will be assisted by qualified students from Douglas College’s Sports Science Program who are doing their fieldwork with our program.  

It is understood that most teams will have a therapist as a member of their contingent and that Alvin and his staff will provide support services.  Alvin will be able to offer emergency first aid and injury assessment services. 

Space will be provided in the gymnasium behind the team benches for therapy.  Ice will be available in this space.