MVB National Championship: Day 2 Recap

MVB National Championship: Day 2 Recap

Mohawk Mountaineers 3, St. Thomas Tommies 0 

Day 2 of the CCAA Men’s Volleyball Championships kicked off with a thrilling matchup, with the fifth seeded Mohawk Mountaineers taking on the eighth seeded St. Thomas Tommies.

With so much on the line, both teams could not afford to let any points slip away from them. They kept an airtight gap on the scoreboard, never letting anyone run away with the set. In the end, it was Mohawk that got the final point in, as they finished the extended set 26-24.

The Tommies stepped up their game, determined not to drop another set. However, costly serving mistakes throughout the set gave the Mountaineers the edge that they needed, and they took it, 26-24 yet again.

With the game on the line, Mohawk knew exactly what they needed to do to win, and executed on it, scoring three straight points to take the set 27-25, and the game, 3-0.

After the game, Mohawks player Chris Spack was named the Player of the Game. On the Tommies side, Stephane Blinn was named his team’s Player of the Game.

Douglas Royals 3, Keyano Huskies 2 

The second match of Day 2 saw the host and sixth seeded Douglas Royals facing off against the seventh seeded Keyano Huskies in a match that would turn out to be an absolute thriller.

A tight first set established the intensity of the match, Once again using the home crowd to fuel their starting drive, the Royals were able to take the first set of the match, 25-22.

However, the Huskies would not be denied, and they came back in the second set, capturing it 25-23.

Sensing a change in the hometown atmosphere, the Douglas squad surged back onto their feet and shredded Keyano’s defence, coming back and taking the set 25-20. With their chance at a Bronze medal being threatened, the Huskies found energy within themselves and tied the game in the fourth by taking it in a reverse score, 25-20.

Put in yet another do-or-die set, both teams played their hearts out. At the end of the match, it was the Royals that came out on top, winning the final set 15-11.

Kristian Currie captured the Player of the Game award for the hosts, while Tristan Therrien was given the award for the Huskies.


Red Deer Kings 3, Camosun Chargers 2 

The third match of day two involved a clash of massive volleyball powerhouses as the No. 1 seed, Red Deer Kings, faced off against the No. 4 seed, Camosun Chargers in an instant classic. 

These two elite teams demonstrated just why they were the heads of their Conference with a heated first set. Red Deer started the game off with a display of pure strength as they smashed their way through the arms of Camosun’s blockers.

But the defending champions caught on quickly and sealed their defensive hole. With that fixed, they would go on to crush the Kings, beating them in two consecutive 25-19 sets.

Sensing that an upset was imminent, Red Deer ramped up their game. Their will to survive clashed with the Chargers determination to repeat. This led to an epic fourth set encounter that ramped up the scoreboard, ultimately ending with the Kings taking it 26-24.

With the wind behind them, and momentum well on their side, Red Deer broke through the stalwart defence of the Chargers, and finished the comeback, taking the set 15-11, and the game, 3 sets to 2.  

The Player of the Game for Red Deer was Nic Dubinsky. For the Chargers, Haakon Ostrem, brought home the award.

Titans de Limoilou 3, Fanshawe Falcons 0

The last game of the day featured a colossal match-up between the No. 2 seed, Fanshawe Falcons, and the No. 3 seed, Titan de Limoilou, with a chance to fight for the gold medal on the line.

Having been there last year, Limoilou could practically taste the gold this evening. Their play proved exactly why they were able to make it to the final last year. They came into the first ready to play and systematically took apart the Fanshawe team, winning the opening set, 25-16.

They followed that with an equally dominating set in second, crushing the life from the Falcons as they gallantly resisted. The third set began with some life as Fanshawe made their presence known. However, it wasn’t enough. The Titans came roaring back into the set, and finished the game strongly. They secured a medal finish with two consecutive 25-20 set wins, and topped off the upset in style, displacing the seed above the in a flashy 3-0 win.

Limoilou’s Martin Ludovic was named the Player of the Game following their victory. Fanshawe’s Sebastian Lethbridge was the Player of the Game for his outstanding effort.