National Champions crowned in Nova Scotia

National Champions crowned in Nova Scotia


Gold Medal - Concordia (ACAC) vs George Brown (OCAA)

Takeisha Wang and Desmond Wang finished a dominant tournament with a gold medal win over Mike Brown and Angeline Alviar 21-6, 21-11. This brother and sister partnership was a level above the field adding to their impressive results this season. 

Bronze Medal - UKC (ACAA) vs Centennial (OCAA Wildcard) 

Chirag Dave and Jia Yi Feng started strong and never looed back in this Bronze Medal matchup, winning 21-11, 21-14. It was a strong tournament by UKC’s Sam White and Sam Lawther from the ACAA as they finished fourth for the second year in a row. 

Consolation - NAIT (ACAC Wildcard) vs Mount Allison (ACAA Host)

Luc Ly Nguyen and Connie Juang defeated the host team’s Azeem Munawar and Kelsey Mackinnon in the Consolation Final 21-12, 21-13. It was a strong effort by the Mount Allison team who gave it their best on the final day. 


Gold Medal - NAIT (ACAC) vs Humber (OCAA) 

Victoria Duong and Chloe Rowe defeated Bea Bernardo and Ryo Kuramochi 21-12, 21-12 to capture the gold medal in dominating fashion. Both teams entertained fans throughout the tournament but in the end it was the doubles pair from Humber who proved they are the country’s best. 

Bronze Medal - Fanshawe (OCAA Wildcard) vs Concordia (ACAC Wildcard)

Helen Ngu and Han Pham defeated Kaylee Morris and Kassidy Turcotte in an exciting two-game match. Both teams had the crowd on edge with some fantastic doubles rallies from start to end. 

Consolation - Dal AC (ACAA Host) vs Mount Allison (ACAA)

Isabelle Choumiline and Maddy Morrissey got revenge on their inter-conference rivals from Dal AC in a thrilling women’s doubles match which ended 16-21, 21-11, 21-16. It was a great tournament by both teams who represented their conference to the highest standard. 


Gold Medal - UKC (ACAA) vs NAIT (ACAC)

UKC’s Bryce Mason and Ben Van Ryn lost a heartbreaker to NAIT’s Jeffrey Ko and Ronuelle Mendina, who proved that any comeback is possible. This was the match of the tournament, a thrilling ending to great season for both teams. The final scores 21-19, 17-21, 21-19.

Bronze Medal - Humber (OCAA) vs George Brown (OCAA Wildcard)

Arpit Taneja and Ayubu Touray bounced back after last night’s semi-final defeat to win a thrilling three-set match against their inter-conference rivals Alex Chao and Eric Kern. Both teams played their heart out in an entertaining matchup, which had the crowd on edge.  

Consolation - NAIT (ACAC Wildcard) vs Dal AC (ACAA Host)

It was a fantastic effort from Andrew Systma and Tim Trites in what was their best play of the tournament. Both athletes finished with a big smile on their face knowing they gave it their all against the team from Nait (John Li and Tyler Walsh), who won 21-15, 21-12. 


Gold Medal - NAIT (ACAC) vs George Brown (OCAA) 

Eyota Kwan defeated Ann Hoang 21-16, 21-12 to finish a dominant tournament. Congratulations to both athletes for representing their schools and conference to the highest standard. 

Bronze Medal - NAIT (ACAC Wildcard) vs UTM (OCAA Wildcard)

Samantha Hsu won a competitive match against Rachel Wong from UTM 21-16, 21-19. Both competitors finished the tournament with strong play and excellent sportsmanship. 

Consolation - Mount Allison (ACAA) vs Saint-Anne ACAA Host)

Suzuha Tanaka defeated Sarah Fortin 21-15, 21-10 in this familiar inter-conference matchup. Both athletes finished a strong tournament representing their conference well on the national stage. 


Gold Medal - Humber (OCAA) vs Concordia (ACAC Wildcard) 

After dropping the first game, Ramnish Kumar pulled out a gutsy three-game victory over Nicolas Pittman 19-21, 21-12, 21-15. It was an impressive performance by both athletes this week and a fantastic way to end the tournament. 

Bronze Medal - Kings (ACAC) vs George Brown (OCAA Wildcard) 

Narayan Ramdhani defeated Yuge Zeng 21-15, 21-13 in a match that featured some amazing shots and unique skill. Both athletes entertained the crowd in a game that was closer than the score suggested. 

Consolation - Mount Allison (ACAA) vs Holland (ACAA Host)

Jaryd Morrissey finished a strong tournament with a 21-5, 21-9 win over Jonah Wilton from Holland College. Jaryd was competitive with every athlete in the tournament and should be proud of the way he represented the ACAA.