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Date Match # Match Information Results Recap
Wednesday, November 6
10:00 AM Match 1 MacEwan Griffins vs Holland Hurricanes   8-1 for MacEwan  Recap
12:30 PM Match 2 Ahuntsic Indiennes vs Algonquin Thunder        2-0 for Ahuntsic   Recap
3:00 PM Match 3 TRU WolfPack vs NAIT Ooks           1-0 for NAIT   Recap
5:30 PM Match 4 Garneau Élans vs KPU Eagles        5-1 for Garneau  Recap
Thursday, November 7
10:00 AM Match 5 Holland Hurricanes vs Algonquin Thunder  9-0 for Algonquin  Recap
12:30 PM Match 6 TRU WolfPack vs KPU Eagles           5-0 for TRU  Recap
3:00 PM Match 7 MacEwan Griffins vs Ahuntsic Indiennes       2-1 for MacEwan  Recap
5:30 PM Match 8 NAIT Ooks vs Garneau Élans   3-1 for Garneau  Recap
Friday, November 8
12:00 PM Match 9 Ahuntsic Indiennes vs TRU WolfPack                    4-1 for TRU  Recap
3:00 PM Match 10 NAIT Ooks vs Algonquin Thunder       2-1 for Algonquin  Recap
5:00 PM Soccer Clinic Community Soccer Clinic    
Saturday November 9
9:00 AM Match 11 Holland Hurricanes vs KPU Eagles             4-1 for KPU  Recap
9:00 AM Match 12 Ahuntsic Indiennes  vs NAIT Ooks             3-1 for Ahuntsic  Recap
11:30 AM Match 13 Bronze TRU WolfPack vs Algonquin Thunder             2-0 for TRU  Recap
3:00 PM Match 14 Gold  MacEwan Griffins vs Garneau Élans       2-0 for MacEwan   Recap
5:30 PM Closing Ceremonies Awards presented - Newton Athletic Park    Recap

All times are PST
OT = Win in overtime
PK = Win in penalty kicks