Men's Hockey

Men’s Hockey, along with Men’s Basketball, served as an inaugural CCAA National Championship in 1975. In the early going there were six participating conferences: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

The initial format included regional playdowns to determine the ‘final four’ competitors that would attend the CCAA Championship. This configuration served as quarter-final match-ups between neighbouring conferences Alberta/Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia/Quebec and Manitoba/ Ontario. The winner from each of these contests would advance to a semi-final with a Championship host being the fourth team.

The sport faced many challenges throughout the 1980s and at the 1989 AGM it was decided that hockey would be dropped as a CCAA Championship following the upcoming season. Cost was a predominant factor, however, there were also now only three conferences participating - Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Hockey was revived at the 1995 AGM, where it was declared a Level 2 CCAA Championship. The ACAC and OCAA were the only conferences competing but both felt that they could sustain their programs and it would be possible for hockey to make a comeback across the country. Under this format, hockey lasted for six years with the final championship being played in 2001.

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2001 Mount Royal Conestoga Sault Consetoga
2000 SAIT Fleming Seneca Seneca
1999 Mount Royal Conestoga Cambrian Conestoga
1998 Mount Royal Cambrian Seneca Cambrian
1997 Cambrian SAIT Conestoga Conestoga
1996 NAIT Cambrian SAIT Conestoga
1990 NAIT Humber N/A Humber
1989 NAIT Red Deer Humber NAIT
1988 Mount Royal College Francais Humber Levis-Lauzon
1987 College St. Laurent Humber NAIT Camrose
1986 NAIT Humber Victoriaville Cariboo (TRU)
1985 NAIT Victoriaville Seneca Briercrest
1984 St. Hyacinthe St. Georges Seneca St. Hyacinthe
1983 St. Hyacinthe Red Deer Cape Breton Cape Breton
1982 NAIT Seneca Limoilou SAIT
1981 SAIT Conestoga Cape Breton Conestoga
1980 Red Deer SAIT Seneca Red Deer
1979 Red Deer SAIT St. Clair FASCQ (RSEQ)
1978 Cape Breton Red Deer Centennial FASCQ (RSEQ)
1977 Red Deer Sheridan St. Clair Sheridan
1976 St. Clair Selkirk Cape Breton Camrose
1975 Camrose St. Clair Cape Breton Cape Breton